Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 things i learned from Bangalore!!

1) Southies are not racist. Northies are!! (Spare the rickshaw walas)

2) There are landlords who don't mind a bachelor living his life!! (Gals are always allowed in the house!! ;-) )

3) Bitching of all sorts is less offensive in English!!! ( Learn Hindi from the Northies!)

4) Dosa with coffee in breakfast is better than omlette wrapped in aloo ka parantha (trust me..)

5) Everything is like anything!! (seriously, like anything)

6) There exists an irrational replacement for a question '????' - 'aaaaaa'. (MG roadaaaa)

7) Hot gals don't mind going out wid guys like me!! (hehehehe...)

8) The abondoned from the North thrives in the South!! - (Yes, A Rock band)

9) Show-off is patented only to the Punjabissss!! (or may be to some idiots)

and last but not the least...

10) Delhi is in no means the best city in India!! (Still disputable ;-))