Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Curious Case of Our Nation!!

I don’t have to go across the globe to write about a curious case. I just need to look into my nation.

The population of Indians in Britain makes British feel so out of place. The prejudice we showed to our neighbors made them remember ‘India’ as a synonym for ‘hate’.

Such has been our unity in the past that we were ruled by almost every might in this world. Such is the case with terrorism in our country that hardly anything has been done.

Such is the craze for Cricket that players are treated as kings as well as waste. The condition of other sports makes them so out of taste.

Such are the IT engineers here that most of them don't even know C. And still India is the number 1 preference for all the IT companies.

Uproar when a Muslim girl is on Tennis Court is what we get to see. The same faces grin when a Muslim actress wears two piece bikini in a movie.

Such are the filmfare awards here that the best of the actors actually boycott them!! Such is the adulation for some that people actually worship them.

Such is the literate society here who spends tons of money donating to the ignorant priests. The plight of a needy is that he can never rest in peace.

Such are the people here who despite of knowing the truth, elect the culprits of ‘Gujrat riots’. Still they don’t agree that they are religiously biased.

The world thinks that India is changing and so do we, but what remains the same are the slums in Mumbai.

India’s 8% annual growth is just an irony. Power cuts in major cities are the sights to see.

Culture, cast , religion are said to be the things that every Indian boasts about. But the tiny box thinking of our's has left us with hate and nothing to be proud of.

Even a nursery going kid in Australia now knows who Indians are. We call them racist, forgetting who we actually are.

The only hope left now is our new generation. But our ignorance still keeps me in suspicion.
I know many may argue that this is not what India is all about, may be yah, but can’t you see the ‘Dance of hypocrisy in the world’s largest democracy’?? That’s what I wanted to bring out.


nitin shokeen said...

i have heard that u should never try to rhyme untill u r gifted bcoz while tryin to rhyme u always compromise with ur emotions but this post of urs proved everything wrong
i must say u must be gifted bcoz the way u ryhmed every possible condition of our country
i m just speechless on that
hats off buddy.......
u rocckkkk
will always be lookin forward to ur post

Ashish said...

Thanks bro ;).

aditi said...


Finally u made the comments a pop up window so i can write... hurray!
Hows d tag comin along?

I loved this post, and hated the truth of it at the same time - like any Indian i guess, we love to curse out nation but cant hear a word from outside... i wish we deserved to say - Jai Ho!
but thats a long way off...

Ashish said...

Thanks for loving the post Adi... well the truth is bitter and tht's wat i wanted to bring out. B/w i think d tag will take some time dear... it's not an easy job!! ;). But i posted one write-up today, u may check that out nd provide ur precious comments :)