Monday, November 16, 2009

A Novel and PT - My latest heartthrobs!!

Aaah!! At last I got some space in the fourth dimension for the blogsville. All this while my office kept me busy and it didn’t let me buy time for blogging at all. But that’s not all. Another reason for being away from writing was my newly developed hobby of reading novels. Oops!!! not novels but a novel. I found the title to be too intriguing; hence, I bought it at the very first sight. It’s penned by Richard Dawkins. So, if you guys know him then you can easily guess what it would be all about. Well I have always liked when someone questions the irrational beliefs and theories that exist in our society, especially on the grounds of religion. And the vituperative responses that are generated against such questioning only help me believe more strongly in the anti-belief that our society gruesomely refers to atheism. But I am not in the mood to talk about all this right now. Let me first finish this novel (which might take years as it’s quite boring and indiscernible due to its British author and his high-fundoo English). I hope ‘The God Delusion’ becomes the 2nd ever novel in my short but long term list of 'Finished novels'J.

Well there is a little bit of masala news that I wanted to share. Porcupine Tree is coming to India. That too to Mumbai!!! And this metal head, yah this one- ‘the one writing this post’ is eagerly waiting for them as he  already has his tickets booked for their live show on 21st dec. 

You guys will be surprised to know that I came to know about Porcupine Tree (PT) only a month ago from my friend. And I started listening to them then only. I then realized what I had been missing for all these years. What an impact they had on me!!Now  I listen to PT when i am in the office, when i am travelling in the bus and even before sleeping. Most of the times I refer to myself as a normal guy who is not crazy about anything but when it comes to music, there comes an exception. And I feel proud to say that I am crazy about Porcupine tree now. Though PT is a rare non-generic band, I will still refer them as ‘Rock artists who fuse different types of sound’ to keep it simple here. Their delusive lyrics, soothing and melodious guitar, heavy beats of drums and the very dexterous keyboard play will surely make this a dream concert for me. Still there is one month to go but I am already hyperexcited about it. My friends will soon start believing that I am suffering from logorrhea coz whenever this topic comes around in the discussion all I do is talking!!!
I hope some of you who are reading this are also Porcupine Tree fans (I know I am hoping against hope coz they are the most underrated stars of music industry, very few people know about them). Hope to see you guys in the concertJ.

Ba bye for now!!!

P.S.: I didn’t post anything in last 30 days and my IndiRank went up by 4 places. It’s 39/100 from 43/100. Hmm.. interesting!! I guess I will be IndiRank 1 if I quit blogging …what say?? :D


Jennee said...

ASHISH!!!!! I am so glad you are back to the blogging world. How I've missed you! I am checking out this band in about 2 seconds because I am a music addict and I am drawn in by what you have said about them. I hope the concert is amazing!

Ashish said...

Hey thnx jennee for missing me :p. So did u listen to Porcupine Tree??

chitz said...

definitely ur rank will increase..i guess i blogged ok than the month before,when my blog was left neglected..but still my rank went down by 4..guess they r using the rreverse principle now..:D

Ashish said...

@Chitz: Haha.. exactly... it's weird. That's why i titled my IndiRank badge with this - 'Don't take this seriously'. Anyways nice to see a new blogger commenting on my random post. Welcome to Subliminal verses. Hope u will like it here ;).