Saturday, July 18, 2009

A little Surprise…

On a dark Friday evening

when nebulous clouds eclipsed the sun,

tired and exhausted me

waited on the roadside for a bus to come.

Desperate to reach home

where the weekend was awaited,

my eyes glittered up

at the very first sight of it.

It came within 5 mins,

my whim got stronger,

gladly I jumped into it,

thanking God for not making me

wait any longer.

But before the Volvo could actually take off,

traffic became a lot loud.

There was no accident,

it was a routine halt.

Traffic just crawled

and frustrated me with every stop.

“It’s a 10 mins affair”,

I had convinced myself.

But darn this 2 Km stretch,

BDA created the mess themselves.

As I oscillated to and fro

with every press of accelerator and brake,

I decided to divert my attention

from the galaxy of traffic ahead.

My eyes rolled down to the left,

fury arouse deep in the chest,

now I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs-

“Wat da hell!!!”,

at the sight of the lump bikers

who were riding on the pavement.

My eyes had witnessed in past,

a wriggler biker

riding on the pavement,

coming from behind, stumbling,

tumbling, failing to avoid

an accident with an ambler

on his left hand side.


He crashed into him.

Ambler reacted late-

"What was that?,

for god's sake".

With his butt

in the puddle of mud

he ended up with his elbows bruised.

What was the biker thinking??

It wasn't a Tour de France

neither it was some kinda cruise!!!

That ambler was no one else but me.

“These bikers should be taught a lesson” -

this feeling had inundated in me.

As they mended the rules

in their own way,

I could still see them

making the pavement a freeway.

But when everyone was just ignoring their vice,

there awaited an unanticipated surprise.

Near the junction where sidewalk finished,

the traffic police was on a high!!

Baffled with the unforeseen encounter,

bikers found themselves busted.

The keys were in thullas’ hands,

their joyride had an ugly exit.

Staring at each other without a clue,

Hoping to find an excuse or something new,

their hands reached the pockets,

Ohh the scene was so cool!!!

With papers and money in their hands,

they struggled to convince their new dads.

For all the crooked driving they did,

they deserved this payback.

Evil smile was on my face,

satiable relief in my mind,

I just couldn’t stop lauding the police,

My words were for the dignified-

“Whatever be the reason,

Out of the louche morality

How can the bangalore police be so responsible??

Don’t know on whose behest they acted,

be it their moral or greed,

They taught a good lesson to the bikers,

rightly that's what i needed!!”

Suddenly out of the blues,

the cops gave me a reason to smirk.

But it didn't last long

as the patrol was a temporal work.

I fear it will not be the same.

The vitiation of laws will be there again.

The stupid bikers will

continue riding on the pavements,

where I shall never walk again.

5 comments: said...

I really liked this poem/lymiric.

Ashish said...

Hey thanks Pam... m happy u liked it :).

Sandy said...

Nicely said!
The biker-on-pavement menace frustrates me to no end! It is a relatively recent phenomenon though, but it is spreading quickly. Hopefully the overlords of traffic management (pandus) will do something to stop this. They did a good job at enforcing the helmet rule.

I also enjoyed reading your post 'An Agnostic says...'. Very thought provoking. Please do keep posting. I'm following your blog.

Do stop by The Village Idiot sometime.


Afsha said...

Brilliant for someone who claims he doesn't read... at all!

Ashish said...

Thanks Afsha!! Yah, novels bore me a lot :p.