Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is Mein Teil...

Writing about ‘The things I love about myself’ had never been my wish, but Aditi’s Tag tales left me with this unforeseen consequence and now there is no escape. As I am a newbie, it took me sometime to absorb the significance of being ‘tagged’. And I realized that it’s nothing but like getting an OscarJ. I never knew that the blog world regards tagging with such an honour and respect. I just got famous I think :P. People want to know about me. Wow!! So, the tame celebrity in me is out with a bang!! ;). Thus, by acknowledging the honour given to me by Aditi, I hereby bring a piece of introspection that took a week to be penned.

Disclaimer: Before I start, I will like to point out that I will try my level best to evade the extinction of modesty and humility in this post ;). For better understanding, any outrageous and indigestible brag shall be regarded as a pure truth!! J

So, here are the five things I adore about myself!!

  1. I love the fact that my mind is a placid place where the door is open for thoughts to come in and move out. I am not prone to a chronicle disease known as short- temper. Neither had I ever observed any turbulence in my cerebrum. Of course, so no incident of brain crash has been reported till date ;). These qualities have kept me away from any unintended incongruous acts. Also this perpetually spawns: ‘Think before acting’ policy in me. I have hardly been involved in any affrays. Now that’s not luck (I have been stressed to limits in some situations but I never gave in, nada exceptions exist). I will not mind if this leads me to a Nobel Peace prizeJ.
  2. I am Agnostic. And I love being like this. I think it makes me a better human being. Most of the hatred in the world today is a direct consequence of difference in opinion about God and due to shibboleths speaking of religious leaders. I believe in one quote- “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion”. God is ‘OPTIMISM’ for me and nothing more. I prefer believing in myself and being dedicated to human beings rather than piously and irrationally devoting myself to some stoned-idols.
  3. I love being real. One can imagine a lot of things but, I will love to see them being applied to the real world. My taste of movies reflects this fact. Thus, the matter-of -fact movies like ‘The hunting party’, ‘Rendition’, ‘A Wednesday’, ‘Page3’ and ‘The last king of Scotland’ are in my favourites' list. I can’t take on any arbitrary stuff shown on T.V. which is deprived off all the sense and sensibility just for the sake of entertainment. My realistic mindset also gifted me with pragmatic approach towards life. Also, it had a direct impact on my reading. I read about world affairs, history, facts, truth and Ok ok... enough on this, I will move to the next point; please don’t start yawningJ.
  4. Apropos the points above, many of you may form an image of a serious and sophisticated ‘Ashish’. Well if you did then stop day dreamingJ. Ask those who talk to me for some 3-4 hrs daily. Ask those who love hanging out with me. Ask those who are the most indispensable assets of my life. Yah, I am talking about my friends. I love them. And the perpetual ‘single’ status of mine makes me to love them even moreJ. My energy levels experience a great transition when I am with them. It’s like if someone fed me with Licorice candies ;). The all grown up Ashish becomes an irritating and funny character with them. They have always enlightened me with the other side of me. It’s a kind of self discoveryJ. See, that’s why my friends are so vital for me ;). And what do I do to alleviate their debt?? I just dedicate myself to themJ.
  5. I am ambitious and have got plans for my future. I can say that ‘I am making my life’ and I don’t want it to be the other way around. I am awed by the self believe that I have in myself and the confidence that has spawned from itJ. I think I am sitting at the niche of my career and am optimistic about the future. And if you think I am over confident about my career then don’t worry; recession is always there to bring me back down to earthJ.

Ok that’s itJ. I think I have viciously broken all the barriers of modesty today. It was arduous. I will never want to do it again even if all were 200% trueJ. Well now is the time to challenge some of my mind boggling bloggers. So, I tag the following:

1) Supratim: There is a reason why girls are so besotted with you; kindly enlighten us in this regard ;).

2) Shokeen: Shokeendi it’s your turn now. Deekha de duniya ko ki tu kya cheez hai :P.

3) Aravinda : Drunken Haze, I am waiting for your reincarnation after the hangoverJ !!

I hope you guys will write soon. I will be waiting. And yah, thank you Aditi for tagging, I need your comments on this. Adios!!!


aditi said...

Hey Ashish,

I tried commenting from office but darn firewall! anyways, this is such an honest post! It takes so much introspection and courage to think and write this type of an inside peek to yourself.
DO keep analyzing yourself one way or other, good for both your ego and to keep u modest :)

Yes I agree to the part of you being realistic and that your friends mean a lot to you. That I could see even at a distance.

Hope the people you tag respond more energetically... Love d post!

supratim said...

hmmm i really dont agree with you that girls are besotted to me....atleast i dont feel that at all....and i will soon write a post on 5 things that i like about myself

Ashish said...

@Aditi: I am happy that u love the post.

@Supratim: Man everyone can see that even if u don't admit it :p. Well if i am wrong then defend urself in ur post :)